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EDT Consulting

EDT Consulting

EDT Consulting (edt-consulting.com) is an established and respected solutions provider. EDT launched initially specialising in IT and Telecommunications. Having commenced the consulting division in early 2011 EDT has been able to provide clients with the flexibility and options needed in the fast paced ICT world to cope with increased demand.

Having recognised that clients aren’t always in the position to take on and manage new staff or cannot justify new hires for specific niche short-term projects EDT has been able to offer an alternative to its clients to ensure business continuation. EDT has an in-house base of staff that have emerged from technical, consulting and professional services backgrounds which along with client demand for options outside of recruitment has created the ideal basis to provide Consulting Services to existing clients.

With a niche specialist team working on IT and Telecommunication projects, EDT has successfully been able to offer solutions that provide a complete service and free up our clients to concentrate on their core business.

Whether it be a small in-house IT project requiring Network Infrastructure or a large Telecommunications project requiring an immediate deployment of a scalable workforce, EDT isĀ able to offer a headache free simple solution in order to alleviate clients in times of business surges or when the work isn’t long term enough to justify a new hire.


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