Do’s & Don’ts

In job application process, you have to be aware about , “what to do” and “what not to do” to get selected in applied job. We have listed a few of them for you:


Do ask at the end of the interview when the employer expects to make the hiring decision.


Don’t ever have any errors (misspellings or typos) in your thank you letters.


Do be patient. The hiring process often takes longer than the employer expects.


Do be proactive and consider follow-up with your recruitment representative.  Follow-up can give you just the edge you need to get the job offer over others who interviewed for the position.


Do continue following-up, especially if the employer asks you to. Remember the adage about the squeaky wheel getting the oil. Just don’t go overboard and annoy or bother the employer.


Don’t burn any bridges if you do not get a job offer. And do try and turn the situation into a positive by bringing the interviewer(s) into your network, possibly even asking them for referrals to other contacts


Don’t place too much importance on one job or one interview; there will be other opportunities for you.


Do use other job offers as leverage in your follow-up — to get the offer you really want.


Do alert your references — if you have not done so already — that they may be getting a phone call from the employer.


Do obtain the correct titles and names of all the people who interviewed you. (Ideally, do get each person’s business card.)


Do use these follow-up techniques to continue to show your enthusiasm and desire for the position, but don’t make it seem as though you are desperate.


Don’t stop job-hunting, even if you feel confident that you will get a job offer. Do continue to interview and attempt to find other opportunities.


Do follow-up with a telephone call to the recruitment representative within a week to ten days (or sooner, if the employer had a shorter timetable) to ask about the position. And do continue to build rapport and sell your strengths during the phone call.

Retail Recruitment

Security Cleared

EDT is experienced in delivering nationally within the Defence sector and other Security Cleared areas up to Secret Level.

Telecommunication Recruitment


EDT has extensive knowledge of the Telecommunications field having been a major provider of staff in some of the largest projects worldwide.

IT Recruitment

Information Technology

EDT first established itself within the IT sector and due to continued success are now preferred suppliers to a number of internationally based Companies.

Construction Recruitment

Construction & Engineering

The EDT Construction and Engineering  division covers Residential, Commercial, HSEQ, Infrastructure & Consulting. We look after both contract and permanent.

Finance & Banking Recruitment

Finance & Banking

EDT’s Finance Division is a leading source of Permanent and Contract/ Interim solutions across the Commercial and Banking Industries throughout Australia.

IT Sales Recruitment

Sales & Marketing

Whether it be in Sales or Marketing, the experienced Sales team at EDT will be able to assist you in your next job search.

Retail Recruitment


When working with the Retail Division, you will only have one point of contact (unless otherwise stated) who will guide you through the entire recruitment process to ensure that it all run smoothly.